Darkness doesn’t exist. Strange idea after all you have been taught, but here’s how it works.

You only see light that comes straight at you, and it is white. Light that goes across your vision appears black.

No matter the direction, there is always light, even when we don’t recognize it is there.

At night light goes sideways across your vision. Only the light from the stars is reflected directly toward you. So the night sky is actually very bright with light waves, but you just can’t see them.

Makes me wonder what else I’m missing.” ET

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The Story

Stories are fascinating. Everyone has one, and together we have many. The stories tell us our history and point to our future. What if,a story we all believed, had been changed long ago? It’s current meaning could be quite different than it’s original message.

A author/historian made a strong point to me one day. He said that history is written by the victors. The victors write the story, using it to guide us in to a future they wish to see happen. What we believe will happen, does happen, and the story is our guide.

So, if someone long ago wanted to see their ideas of the future happen, what would they do? They would write a book, present it to you from their position of authority, and within its pages would be the story of what they planned for the future.

With any story long in telling, parts can be lost by chance or circumstance. The only guardians of the information become those who cherished it. The tellers of the story only share the vision of the future they wish to see.

All stories end in the final chapter. Some stories are trilogies. ET

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Tikal Ceremonial Fire

Thirty years ago I was told of the Rainbow Tribe by a Native American Shaman. I saw something special in the colors of his bead work and asked him what they represented. He said, “It speaks of the coming of the Rainbow Tribe.”

The First Nations People know the meaning of the Rainbow Tribe from their oral traditions. They call it a tribe of many colors. It’s members come from all over the world. They speak many languages and wear colorful clothes.

The Mayans know the Rainbow Tribe represents the coming together of all people. They also know that the Rainbow Tribe is a lost tribe and its members are to be called forth at a very special time. It has happened.

I heard the deep rumble of the horn as the fire was lit in the large ceremonial ring at the Temple of the Jaguars. We were at the first all night Mayan Ceremony performed at the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala in Modern times. It happened on the Winter Solstice 2007.

The Mayan Shamans guided about fifty of their people through a night of light. The moon shown brightly and five planets moved toward alignment. Mist moved gently through the temples. The fire danced with Spirit and Light Orbs were everywhere.

Among the ceremonial participants, were about twenty people who had come from all over the world. We were welcomed home and became full members of Maya that night.

We were told by the Shamans that we are the Voice that will call the Rainbow Tribe forth. That thought gives me goosebumps and many smiles. Lots more coming, stay tuned. ET

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Christmas Insight

I did something very strange yesterday. It was Christmas and I didn’t call anyone. I could have, but I just didn’t. I realize our worlds are very separated. I do not wish to force myself in to theirs. I am learning they do not connect with mine unless I am with them.

I grieved the loss of my family for many years and Christmas phone calls were a very painful process. I always felt like crying as I talked to my kids. Christmas is a time when I have to face how much I miss them.

Now I am realizing our opportunities to be together are going to be very limited unless they learn to travel to me. Next May, with the Real Cards becoming required, they will have a hard time leaving the country.

I know where the world is headed, but I don’t know how to get my friends and family up to speed. Spirit will have to do that and I can only await the results. There is great sadness growing in me about the suffering so many I love will endure.

So how was this Christmas? Actually, it was wonderful. In past years I had felt the sting of the absence of gifts. I knew I was breaking with the commercialism associated with Christmas, but I must admit, gifts are nice.

Yesterday, I was gifted with special things. My “need list” is now missing laptop speakers and new music. I also traveled to a magical place in the days just before the holiday. Christmas was wonderful this year. Joy and sadness, but no tears. ET

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The Question

It’s easier to see the answer when you know the question.” ET

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