Looking Back

I once had a professor who asked me, if I knew where I was heading with my life. I answered, “No,” and that answer got me a ticket to Viet Nam. I realized I needed better answers.

My answers have been slow in coming, but the journey to their source began with what I studied in college. I focused on the Past, People, and Religion. I have learned about people, our connections to the Past, and how the Great Religions of the Ages have guided us.

In the past fifty years the Knowledge of Mankind has grown exponentially. We have made all sorts of connections between Modern Science and the Knowledge of the Ancient Past. These connections hold the answers to what is happening in the present.

What I studied in college was a part of a spiral of knowledge that has led me to today. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment. I remember how I got here, and find that most of the memories I still hold are attached to people and events I have not forgiven.

Forgiveness plays a big part in the future. As we forgive the Past, we better understand what is happening in the Present. Forgiving the Past allows us to stay in the Now. In the Now, we have enormous power.

That is what we are exploring here. How do I find the connection to my personal power? How is it demonstrated? How do I use it to personally deal with the Chaos that fast approaches? There are answers here. ET



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