There is good reason to be upset. The world is coming apart at the seams. The government is doing everything it can to release this information very slowly. Too much truth, and there would be total panic.

Truth be known, the Ozone layer is shot.

And folks, CFC s from your air conditioning do not raise and destroy the ozone. CFC s are four times heavier than air. Who missed that.

Could it be atomic bombs destroy the ozone?

No matter the cause, end result is a half a million more cases of skin cancer each year. Then too there is the blindness that strikes the animals where the ozone goes. I think we humans are supposed to be OK because we can wear sunglasses.

And the oceans are dying. The plankton are at the bottom of our food chain, and pollution kills them. They go, we go.

The Red Tide which smothers everything in its path, frequently appears off the shores of Japan. It is a growing menace to coastal marine life. Pollution sets it loose.

Global warming is also a big issue. Scientists have learned that it takes twenty years to go in to an ice age, yet only three days warm up. Things can warm up real fast.

Sounds hopeless. It is not. Just know UDuzit. ET

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