Situations needing a solution

It is necessary to recognize there is a problem, in order to recognize the need for a solution. We have many personal problems for which we have found no solutions. To engage the problems of the world seems an overwhelming task.

You send the question out, “What can I do about all these problems?” It goes out, and out, and then circles back to you unanswered. You come up with nothing new. Why? Because there is no answer within you.

We try to solve our problems with the same thought system that created them. We need a new way of looking at life, otherwise we keep getting the same old answers. Change begins with no longer naming situations as problems.

Most problems don’t seem to have simple solutions. There is a way to break this, and it involves not naming a situation a problem. A situation has the possibility for new outcomes, when you don’t tie it up with the concept of problems.

When I have said,”I have a situation that needs a solution.” The results have been immediate and miraculous. I have had numerous times traveling when I have had what appeared to be hopeless situations to deal with. Then suddenly someone appeared with the solution.

You have to try it to know it works. The more it works for you, the more you will trust the process. The more you trust the process, the more frequently you will use it. The more you use it, the better it works. Problems become only “situations needing a solution.” ET



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