Taking a Break

Today I am taking a break. It’s not that my life is all that busy, but sometimes I need a break from my routines. I set them up and then start believing I am bound by them. This creates pressure and I don’t enjoy pressure.

This is a day to stay in my pajamas. Actually, I wear Thai pants. They look like pajamas. The only reason I wear anything to bed is so I don’t have to run outside naked should the ground start shaking.

I live in earthquake country. I think that has something to do with the nearby volcanoes. El Fuego blows steam, creating big, billowing clouds of ash that blow toward the coast most mornings. I watch it from my patio.

Strange, a Gotam Project song called El Fuego, just started playing while I wrote that last paragraph. That’s the way it is in my life now. I took a big break awhile back. I moved away from everything I knew to this world with volcanoes.

The ground shakes here sometimes, but that’s OK. The mornings are very clear without the sounds of the mechanical world, and it’s very peaceful. I”ll trade this for the world I used to live in.

In my old world, I didn’t know what was going to hit me next. Now that’s really scary. Getting from there to here , involved taking a momentary break from it all. In that moment I realized I could choose something different. And here I am.” ET

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