Tikal Ceremonial Fire

Thirty years ago I was told of the Rainbow Tribe by a Native American Shaman. I saw something special in the colors of his bead work and asked him what they represented. He said, “It speaks of the coming of the Rainbow Tribe.”

The First Nations People know the meaning of the Rainbow Tribe from their oral traditions. They call it a tribe of many colors. It’s members come from all over the world. They speak many languages and wear colorful clothes.

The Mayans know the Rainbow Tribe represents the coming together of all people. They also know that the Rainbow Tribe is a lost tribe and its members are to be called forth at a very special time. It has happened.

I heard the deep rumble of the horn as the fire was lit in the large ceremonial ring at the Temple of the Jaguars. We were at the first all night Mayan Ceremony performed at the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala in Modern times. It happened on the Winter Solstice 2007.

The Mayan Shamans guided about fifty of their people through a night of light. The moon shown brightly and five planets moved toward alignment. Mist moved gently through the temples. The fire danced with Spirit and Light Orbs were everywhere.

Among the ceremonial participants, were about twenty people who had come from all over the world. We were welcomed home and became full members of Maya that night.

We were told by the Shamans that we are the Voice that will call the Rainbow Tribe forth. That thought gives me goosebumps and many smiles. Lots more coming, stay tuned. ET

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