A friend said he saw an article the other day that they were rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. That is the second report of the same information in six months. It even snowed in Bagdad last week. That is serious End Times information.

ET orbs cut the tether from the space shuttle that was going to do some test. HARP is said to be having a multi-dimensional effect through nine dimensions, so it makes sense we would draw a reaction from beyond.

I saw an Orb at the all night Ceremony at Tikal . It ran me over like a freight train. I have seem enough pictures to know the situations when they appear. I know they are around me when my energy is up.

The Flower of Life books say the Orbs are our parents in the next dimension. Yet, they are here now. What dimension are we in? There appears to be more going on than meets the eye.

So I was looking for Hope, and I think I have found it. I ask and an answer appears almost instantly. I had begun to forget that happens, and have needed to listen more closely.

With Spirit leading the way, I don’t need to search for answers. The books, the people, the possibilities, all keep connecting. I feel like I am being transported in to the future on a magic carpet. I am learning to trust the process. ET

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Synchronicity is a magical word. Watching it happen is a fascinating process. When you accept that nothing happens by coincidence, synchronicity is a process that is easier to spot. Your intuition will signal you when it is happening.

Thirteen years ago, after becoming a Traditional Reiki Master, I asked my teacher what was next. “Now, you start learning.” Great, I love those answers. He did mention I might find gaining an understanding of “intuition” to be helpful. I now watch out for short answers from my teachers.

To get in touch with my intuition, I had to get quiet and listen to what my “guts” were saying to me. The higher my energy, the easier it is to hear what is being said. Then comes the time it takes to learn to trust the process.

Synchronicity helps me listen to my intuition. As the dots connect, and magical things happen, I am glad I have followed my gut feelings. Things I wouldn’t expect to happen, do happen. Spirit can take us on wonderful adventures, when we say “Yes.”

In the past, I had glimpses of synchronicity, but it seemed to sputter. Moving my focus, from my rational mind to my gut feelings, created the shift of perception I needed. That mental shift allowed me to see the dots connecting. Try it. You’ll be amazed. ET

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Currently, next doesn’t matter. I am really getting in the moment. I had one thing to do today and that has been changed. When life unfolds this way, being flexible helps.

Being this unstructured really does help remove the ideas of “should” and “have to” from my thoughts. I seem to have two days a month doing my busy work chores. Otherwise, I float with minor this and thats.

The beauty of it all is that I have no boring days. People pop in and out of my day. I have quiet time. I can read, write, and listen to what I wish. I couldn’t have planned this any better.

Wait a minute. I did plan this! ET

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I looked real hard, but I never found anything in my life that I could trust. I tried a lot of options. People, places, and things just couldn’t be depended on. They changed unpredictably.

Then I made my Spirit connection. You might call it your Higher Consciousness. Anyway, when I watched the results, they always worked out better than I expected. I started to count on it. I began to trust the process.

A disagreement, a flat tire, an unexpected bill; it no longer mattered. I could smile and think, “Spirit this one is yours. Please turn it in to the experience I would most love to have.”

Over fifteen years I have witnessed many miracles unfold when I have used this simple request. I now trust Spirit to guide my life. Spirit is the only thing that has never let me down. The future is no longer my concern.

Spirit always works everything out perfectly.


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Forgiveness became the foundation of a miracle in my life. Releasing the outcome of a situation, and letting Spirit direct the results, was a major jump of faith for me. I tend to be pragmatic. I like results. I began to see them.

For the first time, I began to see a process that worked in bringing peace into my experience. When I forgave a situation from what I thought it was, to be what it could become, I got different results.

Since I didn’t know how to see things differently, I asked Spirit to help me. It worked. When I asked, I got help. I saw it happen. I would get a new angle, a new thought, that allowed me to see a situation from a different perspective.

When I saw a situation differently, I could let go of my previous perceptions. As my thoughts changed, my experience changed. Forgiving the past allowed a new future to happen. It was so predictable I began to trust the process.

I only needed to ask that “everything would work out for the best for all concerned,” and it did. I would ask to see situations I didn’t like another way.

Seeing things differently has allowed me to step back and see what Spirit comes up with when I only send loving thoughts to the situation. It is a glorious process. ET

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