Forgiveness became the foundation of a miracle in my life. Releasing the outcome of a situation, and letting Spirit direct the results, was a major jump of faith for me. I tend to be pragmatic. I like results. I began to see them.

For the first time, I began to see a process that worked in bringing peace into my experience. When I forgave a situation from what I thought it was, to be what it could become, I got different results.

Since I didn’t know how to see things differently, I asked Spirit to help me. It worked. When I asked, I got help. I saw it happen. I would get a new angle, a new thought, that allowed me to see a situation from a different perspective.

When I saw a situation differently, I could let go of my previous perceptions. As my thoughts changed, my experience changed. Forgiving the past allowed a new future to happen. It was so predictable I began to trust the process.

I only needed to ask that “everything would work out for the best for all concerned,” and it did. I would ask to see situations I didn’t like another way.

Seeing things differently has allowed me to step back and see what Spirit comes up with when I only send loving thoughts to the situation. It is a glorious process. ET

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