Moving Along

Trusting Spirit has become primary in my daily affairs. Mostly I float along, but then something pings. I watch, know it was special, and put it on a mental shelf. Sometimes, I see a string of things come together. I watch for those.

Resistance slows me down. Enough resistance and I stop. Doors that open effortlessly are like beacons on my path. I have many opportunities, but I can only live one. I choose my path by seeking the path of least resistance.

I watch for people who look me in the eye. They are the real ones. They are in my drama, not just floating by. They have something to tell me, if I’ll take the time to listen. I have something for them too. It works like a circle.

When things are connecting, I sense Spirit as a light breeze pushing me forward. Each step flows to another without resistance. I flow in to the next moment knowing I am only there to Bless it. This is some pretty heady stuff for a pragmatic guy.

I just like that it works. I have all sorts of explanations about how and why. Some of my ideas might even be right, but experience is what counts. My life is blessed. I like those results. ET

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