Synchronicity is a magical word. Watching it happen is a fascinating process. When you accept that nothing happens by coincidence, synchronicity is a process that is easier to spot. Your intuition will signal you when it is happening.

Thirteen years ago, after becoming a Traditional Reiki Master, I asked my teacher what was next. “Now, you start learning.” Great, I love those answers. He did mention I might find gaining an understanding of “intuition” to be helpful. I now watch out for short answers from my teachers.

To get in touch with my intuition, I had to get quiet and listen to what my “guts” were saying to me. The higher my energy, the easier it is to hear what is being said. Then comes the time it takes to learn to trust the process.

Synchronicity helps me listen to my intuition. As the dots connect, and magical things happen, I am glad I have followed my gut feelings. Things I wouldn’t expect to happen, do happen. Spirit can take us on wonderful adventures, when we say “Yes.”

In the past, I had glimpses of synchronicity, but it seemed to sputter. Moving my focus, from my rational mind to my gut feelings, created the shift of perception I needed. That mental shift allowed me to see the dots connecting. Try it. You’ll be amazed. ET

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  1. Yes, I have been spotting many synchronistic events lately myself — and they are indeed more easily noticed when I pay attention with my intuition. When I get quiet and listen with my guts and “connect the dots,” I do get what spirit is telling me albeit in fleeting small pictures (glimpses) — then I tend to start thinking about the synchronistic experiences trying to find meaning in them — and I’m not very good at that yet. Maybe I should forget about finding meaning through “thinking” and just go with the initial “intuitive glimpses?” You’re right — the higher my vibratory resonance (energy) is on a given day the easier it is to hear (discern) what is being said. I am still learning to trust the process myself as I journey with spirit on these wonderful out of body adventures.

  2. You are right Andrew, meaning is clearer later. Just watch for, and go with the flow. You’ve got the idea.

    The more you see it happening, the more you will trust the process. The more you trust the process, the clearer it all becomes,


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