A friend said he saw an article the other day that they were rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. That is the second report of the same information in six months. It even snowed in Bagdad last week. That is serious End Times information.

ET orbs cut the tether from the space shuttle that was going to do some test. HARP is said to be having a multi-dimensional effect through nine dimensions, so it makes sense we would draw a reaction from beyond.

I saw an Orb at the all night Ceremony at Tikal . It ran me over like a freight train. I have seem enough pictures to know the situations when they appear. I know they are around me when my energy is up.

The Flower of Life books say the Orbs are our parents in the next dimension. Yet, they are here now. What dimension are we in? There appears to be more going on than meets the eye.

So I was looking for Hope, and I think I have found it. I ask and an answer appears almost instantly. I had begun to forget that happens, and have needed to listen more closely.

With Spirit leading the way, I don’t need to search for answers. The books, the people, the possibilities, all keep connecting. I feel like I am being transported in to the future on a magic carpet. I am learning to trust the process. ET

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