Two Systems Operating

When I am experiencing an answer to a question, I see the answer reflected in different ways. It all begins,when I get a new idea. The idea can emerge from a book,an encounter, or my personal thoughts.

I have been hearing our World is making major changes as we approach Year 2012. You may have heard of the Mayan End Times. Many people believe that the Year 2012 is when the world will end, because that is when the Mayan calendar ends.

Living in Guatemala among the Mayans, I have gained a new understanding of this information. The Mayans actually say that we are in the process of creating a New Day. The New Day is when the old ways will pass away, and we will start doing things differently.

And it is said part of the difference is, we will actually start providing everything we need for ourselves without the use of money. That idea begged a question. How in the world are we going to have what we need without money?

And instantly, right in front of my nose was the answer. I was using Open Source software to create this post. My software was created by folks who wished to share with others. They used their energies creating something useful to others. They share their creations freely.

And there are the two systems operating. The folks at Microsoft wish to sell us what they make. Yet, the Open Source folks create software of equal value, and share it with us freely.

Can a system not based on money, provide us with the things we need? Open Source shows us an answer to that question. It works without money, and provides what we need.

The Future may have answers to our problems that we haven’t thought of before. Possibly, we’ve been distracted by the money. ET

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Money is an Illusion

My concept of abundance used to mean I would have a lot of money. That idea didn’t work out very well, so I started looking for what was going wrong. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had everything backwards.

I had gone back to Universal Law to check the meaning of Abundance. I learned that the opposite of Abundance is Scarcity . The I found that money is based on the idea of Scarcity.

Money represents the concept that there is not enough. There is not enough gold for everyone, so we give it value based on its scarcity. People with money are somehow better, meaning people without money are less.

Money is a system that creates separation. We end up with a world of “Haves” and “Have-Nots.” We give money tremendous value, never realizing it is a concept that takes away our birthright of Abundance.

One of the rules we face in Life, is we can not make Life work using contradictory ideas. I can not say I wish for Abundance, and use thoughts of Scarcity to create it. When I think thoughts of Scarcity, I get Scarcity.

When I think Abundance, I get Abundance. We will explore this idea more in late posts. ET

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Learning To Drive

You have just moved to a new country and need to get a local driver’s license. You hire a driving instructor, but walk away puzzled. You find other instructors, and find their techniques are the same as the first.

Why do these people want you to drive backwards only using the rear view mirror? Heck, first you must learn to drive forward, right?

Yes, but shall we momentarily consider that in a mountain village, driving backwards may be a necessary skill to avoid being trampled by something bigger than your car. These situations can require moving at a high rate of speed, while going in the opposite direction.

Driving forward in a fast and furious manner is “driving” to most of us. Speeding forward, watching backwards, so not to be trampled from behind. It really is just the same story going the other direction.

The fun of life begins as you see your travels more clearly. You can change direction when you wish. You are the driver.

You make the choices for the directions you take, and you are responsible for the experiences you create.

Hopefully, you’ll find the information you seek for changing direction more easily, here at Uduzit. Enjoy! ET

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How to Get Answers

There is an answer here that you have been searching for. You ask, you receive. Answers appear when you start asking questions. That is how Spirit works. It is a very predictable process.

You are reading Uduzit for a reason. The odds, that you compared to all other people, are here, are impossible for me to calculate. Miracles can happen in the most simple ways.

Do enjoy the process. Finding answers to the questions you ask, can be great fun! ET

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What’s Teaching About?

I have had a lot of experience with teachers. All of them had something to tell me, some of it was important. I have taught teachers and teachers have taught me. I found certain teachers have special talents.

Some of my teachers blended their personal experience with the information they were sharing with me. I enjoyed those teachers most, because they made what they were teaching seem more real.

I had a teacher who sang beautifully, my coach was a star, and my English teacher was a Kung Fu Master. Later came the professors, the authors, and all the others who shared important things with me.

All of my teachers taught me information they learned from others. When that information was special to them, I learned more easily. I could feel their energy in their message. Their information took on a special importance.

The more I learned, the more I taught. I became passionate about my own favorite subjects. My life became a mirror of experience that was reflected in what I taught.

My teachers showed me that Knowledge, Experience, andPassion when gently combined, makefor happy students.


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