It has been strange without my computer. Yep, I crashed my system again. I am learning a lot each time I rebuild from the bottom up. I have a glimmer of hope that I am running out of mistakes that I can make that cause this outcome.

I have made the switch from Windows to an Open Source operating system for my computer. I use the Feisty Version of Ubuntu. I am not a Geek, so there has been a learning curve. It has been fun to have more control over my system.

I got frustrated with Windows, because it was doing all sorts of strange things. When I found my hard drive space was disappearing at an amazing rate, I started searching for the problem.

Windows XP was making its own copies of my personal documents and I couldn’t stop it. My music players all wanted to make their own copies of my music library. ITunes erased 4 Gigs of Windows Media files it couldn’t play.

It was a crazy mess of every commercial outfit carving its own space out of my desktop. Once a program was on board, it would start fighting other programs for control. Then the programs would set cookies and send my personal data out somewhere.

I was getting paranoid.

I had been using Mozilla Firefox Browser and the Open Office Suite. They are Open Source programs that work well with Windows. These programs come with the Ubuntu install, along with many others. Everything from Open Source is free.

The Open Source install is easiest with the free CD. The installation process is quite simple and support is excellent. There is a huge library of documentation available online.

My desktop is now super clean. My data is on an external hard drive and a few DVD hard copies. What is on my computer is what I am working on. It is a work station and it has no commercials. I like that. I am feeling less paranoid too.

Open Source software is a wonderful creative concept. The developers use code that is in the public domain and stitch it together with their own code to create a new result. The project has over 5000 donated software programs. High quality software is available in every possible category,

The endeavors of many are being given freely for everyone to enjoy. The installation disks are free. All it takes is some of your time to make it happen. You can even do Open Source and Windows systems together on the same machine.

Open Source software is a conscious gift freely given to everyone. Give it a try and enjoy. ET

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