A great deal of thought in my life has been focused on the past and future. I have learned that nothing ever happens in those moments of reflection. The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet.

The only moments in my life when anything is happening, are the moments that are happening right now. Think about it, what is happening? It is Now. There. Now again. More Now. Just keeps happening. Yep, Now again. Now. Now. Now.

Now, is moment after continuous moment, chasing itself in single click frames. Each Now is totally separate, yet synchronistically connected to the next. There is a flow, a movement. It is Now.

In this moment, we have the ability to change any thought we wish, any dream we have. It is in the moment that you are in right Now, that you have control over your life.

When your thoughts are grounded in the desire for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned, you connect with the Universal Law of Attraction. Connecting our Intention to Universal Law, sets in motion the creative force of Love in the outcomes we experience.

Hold the thought that everything is working out perfectly for everyone, and your experience of the Now will become quite special. ET

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