Thinking my life is scripted, and I am waiting for it to unfold, creates a lot of time where I am waiting for something to happen. Strange to notice also, that I never know what I am waiting for. Who came up with this plan?

It took me awhile to realize this was a grand plan where I got to turn responsibility for my life over to some supreme power. Then, if there was no clear sense of direction, I could just float along, doing what I was doing.

I began to see my life was becoming a rerun of reoccurring events. So I asked, “Is this all there is?” And I got an answer. “Yep.” “Why?” “Because, it is yours. If you are not pleased with your results, create something different.”

Darn, that means waiting for the Universe to send me a grand moment, wasn’t the sure winner I had hoped it to be. Here I have been standing, ready and waiting, never realizing I needed only to take the first step. The direction didn’t matter, I just needed to get moving.

My intuition has become my compass. It is a day by day thing, and each day flows in to the next. I never really know what a day means in the grand scope of things, but my days now feel like I am a part of them. ET

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  1. only you can change

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