The Call

Problems have been my call to change. Health problems were my call to action. The doctors were treating the symptoms, I needed to find cause. I needed to look at this all differently. I needed a change of perspective.

First, I needed to change my perspective on problems. Problems became situations needing a solution. Situations could change, problems just went on and on. Viewing my health concerns as being situations within my control, changed my whole approach.

There were a combination of causes supporting my symptoms. Some symptoms I could impact quite directly, such as my weight. My concern was, keeping the weight off and not falling back in to old self-defeating behaviors.

Old self-defeating behaviors cause problems, because they represent addictions. My excess weight disappeared when I ended my addiction to sugar. I ended my addiction to sugar, when I became conscious that my body was requesting food that had nutritional value.

My body was requesting food that held nutrition. I was feeding it sugar. More real food meant less hunger, less hunger meant less food, less food meant fewer calories, and fewer calories meant less weight.

Get fats and sugars in body balance and you can eat anything you wish. I know, I do. ET

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