Half the fun of a journey, is getting to the destination. I am speaking of all the special things that happen along the way. Many of my most enjoyable experiences happened while “getting there,” not by “being there.”

Reaching a goal is very similar to reaching a destination. The process of getting from one point to another takes some planning. It helps to have guidance along the way. Yet, it is good to know the fun comes in improvising as you progress.

When I began my weight loss program I followed the guidance I was given and I saw results. I had set a goal of 30 pounds for my plan. The weight began to fall off so easily I got concerned. I improvised, and saw I could raise or lower my weight just by adjusting the amount I ate.

Once I ended my addiction to sugar, my body could start telling me the foods it was seeking. I eat more fresh food now. I eat meat, eggs, and fish, along with fresh vegetables. I only eat when I am hungry, and stop eating when I begin to feel full.

I have maintained my current weight for over a year. I lost close to 90 pounds from my highest recorded weight. I had fun along the way, and learned new ways to enjoy eating. I also learned that my health is dependent on my body weight.

I like being healthy again. ET

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