What Works

Having had a lot of experience with things that don’t work, I set a goal to find what does work. To do that, I had to find a process that could be measured. I had found a tool that could help. The tool was asking questions.

I had a lot of experience asking people questions, but had experienced mixed results with their answers. Then I learned that when I wanted answers that worked, I had to let Spirit bring those answers to me. It began when I asked a question.

I had so much success with simple questions, I began to expand what I was asking to know. It all became a fascinating process of being led to exactly the right person, or perfect piece of information, just when I needed it.

There are more posts here in Uduzit that talk about asking questions. Asking questions helps you listen for answers. As you listen, you become more sensitive to the nudging of your intuition. Your intuition will lead you to Synchronicity, and that will lead you to what works.

Learning more about asking questions of Spirit, hearing the answers, and then following your intuition in to the Synchronicity that Spirit creates, is a process, once learned, that will change your life. ET

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