Happy People


When my life gets boring, there are too many reruns.I am repeating the same experience over and over again.It is time for change, and I am the one who makes that happen. I can choose reruns, or I can choose change.

Change is a blessing when you feel positive about it. As your dreams begin happening before your very eyes, you know you are a part of the process that is unfolding. Your dreams are becoming your reality.

It is great fun to look back and see where my wishes have appeared. Some have been wishful glimpses, and others have become reality in its densest form. I am careful about my wishes now. I know they come true.

I have a beautiful life and it gets more wonderful each day.

It wasn’t always this nice. Once in despair, I asked that I would understand how life really worked. I remember I also asked that it happen before I died. Since then I have been learning, though some answers have come slowly.

I would sincerely ask how many people do you know that are happy? How many people do you know, who possibly have few possessions, yet can say they are content? How many can tell you they need nothing?

To manifest happiness in your life right now, is the ultimate goal. Choose happy teachers, if you wish to be happy. They are walking their talk. I hope you have many happy people in your life, but if not, keep looking.

Remember, happy people are easier to spot when you are having happy thoughts yourself. ET

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