There was a time when I found I could make my dreamscome true. I lived in a beautiful and remote wilderness area.I had few distractions of the modern world. I wasn’t alone. I had special people around me.

With those people my dreams came true. When I was alone,I had only myself. When I was with others, my dreams expanded. There were more players, more possibilities.With fewer distractions, my interactions with othersalso became much clearer.

I was overweight and I wished to wear fewer clothes. So,I ended up managing a “clothing optional” hot springs. I got what I wanted, but not what I expected. I ended up wearing fewer clothes, but not because I had lost weight.

When I got naked with others, there were no clothes to hide behind. We just were. Young and old, skinny and big, we just were. Once we knew that, we could just be. I hadn’t ever done that with others before. It was special.

It wasn’t because I was big that I wished to be smaller. I was big and wished to get healthier. I wished to create a dream of health, and “smaller” was a part of that dream.

And the dream came true. I had only to wish it. Getting naked was just part of the fun. ET

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