We Have A Legacy

Looking around, I see I am living in the world my grandparents envisioned. I have seen who they choose to lead the way, and to whom that vision has been passed. I am concerned that the hope underlying their vision has been lost.

Our grandparents experienced The Great Depression and two World Wars. They wanted peace and prosperity. I see their hopes and their fears all around me. Their thoughts seeded the world I experience.

Our grandparents dreamed of a technological world offering tremendous potential, yet technology now has the potential to destroy us. The corporations our grandparents trusted to provide security, deserted them, and our country.

Our corporations became the multi-national corporations that now rule the world. They are beyond the control of the people, and they buy our politicians with their wealth. The corporations want our attention and distract us from gaining a clear understanding of what is happening to us.

Our grandparents set a direction for us, but we forgot to watch what’s been happening. We were captured by our own personal world. Power and wealth became our distractions. Everything we were sold, was quickly replaced by something better.

We indentured our lives to the banks. Each paycheck was spent before we got it, and debts threatened to overwhelm us with each quiver of the economy. Stress destroyed our health, and the doctors and pharmacies stole our retirement funds.

Something is wrong with this picture. I would suggest we have given away our power. We have entrusted others to guide us, and to provide us with the good things of life. “By their fruits you shall know them.” It appears we have lost our way.

I am living my grandparent years now. I wish to leave something meaningful behind for the children. I wish to find a new solution to the problems I see. I wish to leave them answers that work.

I have stopped thinking in terms of good and bad, having found too many shades of gray in life. I feel that within every situation is the possibility of a positive outcome. We have been looking in the wrong place. We have been operating from Fear. I think there is a better way.

Let’s explore those possibilities. ET

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