What’s Teaching About?

I have had a lot of experience with teachers. All of them had something to tell me, some of it was important. I have taught teachers and teachers have taught me. I found certain teachers have special talents.

Some of my teachers blended their personal experience with the information they were sharing with me. I enjoyed those teachers most, because they made what they were teaching seem more real.

I had a teacher who sang beautifully, my coach was a star, and my English teacher was a Kung Fu Master. Later came the professors, the authors, and all the others who shared important things with me.

All of my teachers taught me information they learned from others. When that information was special to them, I learned more easily. I could feel their energy in their message. Their information took on a special importance.

The more I learned, the more I taught. I became passionate about my own favorite subjects. My life became a mirror of experience that was reflected in what I taught.

My teachers showed me that Knowledge, Experience, andPassion when gently combined, makefor happy students.


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