Learning To Drive

You have just moved to a new country and need to get a local driver’s license. You hire a driving instructor, but walk away puzzled. You find other instructors, and find their techniques are the same as the first.

Why do these people want you to drive backwards only using the rear view mirror? Heck, first you must learn to drive forward, right?

Yes, but shall we momentarily consider that in a mountain village, driving backwards may be a necessary skill to avoid being trampled by something bigger than your car. These situations can require moving at a high rate of speed, while going in the opposite direction.

Driving forward in a fast and furious manner is “driving” to most of us. Speeding forward, watching backwards, so not to be trampled from behind. It really is just the same story going the other direction.

The fun of life begins as you see your travels more clearly. You can change direction when you wish. You are the driver.

You make the choices for the directions you take, and you are responsible for the experiences you create.

Hopefully, you’ll find the information you seek for changing direction more easily, here at Uduzit. Enjoy! ET

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