Ubuntu smiles and ….

It has been a great day, and it is only afternoon. My earlier post on how simple it is to do Ubuntu upgrades, has already had over a hundred views. Five other posts are seeing high page views today as well.

Things are happening with Uduzit. I see that people actually read what I share. I made a decision awhile back that I would continue to post to Uduzit, whether anyone came to read my ramblings or not. And darn if you folks didn’t stop by. Smiles.

Some of you are starting to explore Uduzit. Yes, I now live on a beautiful lake in Guatemala. It has been quite a journey getting here. I have included a few photos to

give you a better idea of the places and things I speak of in my posts.

I am learning to post photos in WordPress today. You’ll see my first efforts right in this post. While trying to get those pictures ready for Uduzit, I had my first grumble from Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon today.

I had to sign back in to my computer every time I tried to import photos in to the graphics programs I was using. Looks like I now learn how to report bugs to Ubuntu. Isn’t that special.

Yep, page views are still going up! You all keep coming back. We’ll keep the light on for you. Smiles.

And many thanks to all you Open Source folks who have helped make this such a special day. ET

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