Where did the money go?

Read on the BBC that the unemployment rate in the States is now 5.1 %. That is 20,000 more people unemployed than what was predicted. The big banks and investment companies have been posting astounding losses.

So where has all the money gone? Someone hiding all that cash somewhere? The economists start saying we are short on cash. So what’s the problem, doesn’t seem to take much to print more of the stuff.

My grasp of economics is not very profound, but I do know when it is hard to find a job, or pay my rent. I sense more and more people are going to have this experience. I think we need to find some new answers.

The Mayan people have used Guatemalan currency for a rather short time. Their world worked quite simply with barter, and it worked very well. It took some trust and cooperation, but it provided a system of exchange that met the needs of the people here.

I just know I have spent a lot of time earning money that went for a bunch of stuff I no longer remember buying. Now I buy less, and buy smarter. I have also learned that if I haven’t used it for a year, I don’t need it.

Keeping it simple costs less money. ET

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