Growing a Blog

Uduzit is showing steady signs of growth. Even had my first “big” post a couple of weeks ago. I have been fascinated watching all the numbers grow on my stats page. The pings are happening, and real comments do pop up occasionally.

My more popular posts relate to Open Source software and computing. My syndicated hits are averaging a dozen per post. That happens even on posts getting no direct readership. Good tags appear to help syndicated views. Some posts take right off, and others seen to linger.

Give a post a couple of days and someone makes a direct view. Direct views rule WordPress stats, but to me syndicated views are important too. I am new at blogging, and little numbers are big numbers, when it comes to how many people see my posts.

It is nice to know my syndicated views are growing steadily. They frequently exceed my direct views on posts, at least when a post first appears. It is amazing for me to see that in my combined stats, six hundred people read what I posted last week.

If I ever needed reinforcement to keep on blogging, it is in these figures, I smile at the upward climb of the numbers on my stats page. I am seeing patterns in how posts are read. Some posts take off with a bang, and others are like those batteries that just keep on going.

I enjoy writing about the everyday things I do and feel. I tell short stories. I see my writing style is developing, and my posts are gaining a certain flow. I like that all of this is taking less effort as I keep on posting.

So newbie bloggers like me, do not despair. Keep on posting and you will see that your readership is growing. You will see the proof on your stats page. It just gets better and better.

Smiles. ET

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