Blog Search Engines Savvy, Part One

Terms, Tags, and Categories

My relationship with search engines has been confusing. They know what they are doing, but they don’t always say it upfront. Along the way though, I have found some answers that are working. People search, and they find, and sometimes they find my blog.

Many people find the posts they read using the search function, on their browser, blog, or favorite search page. Some use RSS feeds, but more on that later. Search engines, and community blogging sites, are excellent tools to let folks know how to find your blog.

People search the Internet by using search terms. These terms may be single words, or phrases of words. I see people using search phrases that find my posts by name. Name your posts so people can find them by the subject you are writing about.

What you call your post is important to the search engines. Your post tags should give a general idea of your subject, and details like model numbers that people might search for. When you use tags that are popular keywords, people will visit your blog regularly. Some may even come back.

When I started blogging, “Register your blog with Google,” was the first instruction I heard from WordPress in regard to search engines. I did that several months ago, and now see the search terms folks use on Google to reach Uduzit. It may take awhile, but it does happen.

When I set up my blog, I was led to believe that Categories and Tags were basically the same. The use of either didn’t seem to matter. My experience is that Tags and Categories each have their value on a blog. Categories are great for organizing posts, and search engines appear to like tags.

Google and Yahoo, have eighty percent of the search traffic. Google seems to index everyone, while Yahoo only seems interested in listing you when you are doing business on your website, or blog.

Communities of bloggers

There are also communities of people with whom you can share your blog. Most everyone has heard of Facebook, and there are also actual blogging communities. WordPress, The Hub, and Technorati, each have large communities of people who communicate with each other.

We’ll explore more on blogging communities later. Right now, if you are a newbie blogger, focus on getting listed with Google and Technorati.

In Part Two, I will write about how you can connect with other search engines and communities. I know they have listed my blog. To me, that means they are “little” blog friendly. I like that.

Smiles. ET

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  3. Thanks for the helpful info.

    I am a newbie and slightly techno challenged.

    Found this post attached to one attached to a WordPress Announcement or maybe you know that already.

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