Blog Search Engine Savvy, Part Three

The Registration Process

Registering with each search engine individually can take a lot of time. There a number of services out there that offer search engine registration services. One service offers to register you with 76 search engines, and then will follow-up to see you were listed.

The registration service I mentioned would like you to pay $35 for what they offer. That is a lot of money. FeedShot will register your blog with about a dozen blog search engines for only two dollars. They need very little information, and can invoice PayPal.

When I went to register my blog, I wasn’t sure what information to enter. I especially had trouble with entering the proper feed address for my blog. The FeedShot form is simple to use. On the line requesting your feed information, enter your WordPress blog address, with “/feed/” added at the end.

Screw that line up and the process won’t work. It will also cost you two more dollars to try again. When you fill out the forms correctly, FeedShot will submit your blog information automatically while you wait online.

When FeedShot completes the submission process, they send you an email that allows you to check back with each search engine to make sure you have been listed. The actual listing process may take awhile. Many of these search engines, and blog hosting sites, are smothered with new blog listings.

The follow-up form FeedShot sends, shows you the search engines they used and whether the submission was successful. You can use this information to connect with each search engine to see how things are progressing with your listing.

This list will shrink as you proceed, but in the end you will know which search engines list your blog. You will be able to use this list to create bookmarks to the pages where you can ping these search engines when you post.

Firefox has an add-on that will allow you to create a single folder of bookmarks for the sites you wish to ping. Check out “Flat Bookmark Editing 0.8.1” . It can operate behind the scenes, or with a drop down menu from the toolbar. It is simple to use, and will help you make order of your growing list of bookmarks.

Once installed on Firefox, you can find Flat Bookmark Editing using the Organize Bookmarks link, under Bookmarks. Once opened, this program will create folders that you name by the topic of what you wish to place in them. I now have six folders that hold a bookmark list that once seemed to scroll forever.

Keep it Simple

Explore search engines and blog hosting websites, but start with a simple list that works for your blog. Eighty percent of the searches on the Internet are done through two search engines, Google and Yahoo.

Become a member of several Blog hosting communities, list with Google, and handpick a few search engines related to your blog. By doing this, you will have connected with the majority of the search resources that will send you new blog viewers.

As your blog grows, the smaller search engines will pick up your blog because of its activity, especially if your blog relates to the subjects they cover. Lay a good foundation, and the rest will happen naturally as you build your blog.

Now Have Some Fun

And in the moments while you are waiting to see the fruits of your literary efforts listed on all those search engines, here is a fun thing to do.

Go to Google Search, and enter your blog name in the search field. If you have been blogging for awhile, pushing that link may show you that search engines have more information about your blog than you realized. It will start small, but your search presence will grow as your blog grows.

After several months of posting, the search term “Uduzit” now pulls up pages of results on Google. These results include posts, comments, my comments on other blogs, and WordPress search page results in multiple languages. Wow.

Search engines are amazing in what they do. They will bring readers to your blog providing you go through the process of listing with them. It takes a little time, but the results are worth the effort.

Smiles. ET

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