We Learn to Write by Writing

For years, I never realized I had any artistic talents. I can not paint or draw, and I play no musical instruments. I have been writing for years, but never gave my efforts any value. Over many moments, I have honed my craft and now see a different result.

For me, my writing now has a different flow. I am having fun putting my thoughts in to words. My learning curve has been slow, though enjoyable. I had the gambler’s rush with my first popular post, but quickly saw I didn’t know how to repeat the experience.

Something did became evident as I wrote more posts. People were reading them. The steady growth of readership, quickly exceeded my early hopes. That helped take the pressure off me on several levels.

I have lost the need to post every day. Some days my writing in prolific, and other days the well is dry. Some days I do research, and other days I write. Sometimes, there are a hundred new ideas, and at other times, the past gets re-examined.

Writing about what I am doing, is what I write about. I write about my experiences. Most of my experiences are fun, so I enjoy writing about them. I don’t always know where I am heading, but I do enjoy the process of finding things to write about. Smiles. ET

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  1. I improved my English by writing :) And still do :) I am pretty sure my former blog made a great contribution to the level of my ENglish :)

    I do like your posts :) Nice writing style :) good “trademark” that “smiles ET” : ))

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