The Seven Core Beliefs

It seems only fair that I state that there are seven core beliefs that guide the words you read here on Uduzit. These are my personal beliefs, and they are seen in a great deal of what I write.

Many of the early posts on Uduzit discuss these subjects. You can explore these ideas further by using the Search feature in the column to the right. Try the term “asking questions,” and you will get a page full of results.

But now, on with the rest of the story.

The Seven Core Beliefs of Uduzit

  • It feels as if Lewis Carrol and I learned many of the same lessons. Life is like a reflection in a mirror. Everything that I see is really about me, not them. I am disconnected from nothing and connected to everything. Everything means, everyone and everything in the Universe.

  • Early on, I learned that to resist anything, was to empower it. That never meant being weak, or even passive. It did mean learning when to step aside for a moment.

  • In Judgment, I become what I judge. Yesterday, I grumbled to myself that I had cooked a great deal of rice, for certain people living in my home, to prevent them from burning my pan. Yesterday, I burned that pan cooking rice.

  • The lessons of Universal Law are very apparent when I understand what I am looking at. The Law of Attraction appears to be the foundation for everything that I am now experiencing.

  • It was primary for me to learn that there are two Thought Systems available in life, and that I may choose only one. When I learned that I had an alternative to the World of Fear I perceived. I choose instead a world of Peace.

  • My perceptions guide my experience. I can choose to see things differently, and I can ask for help in accomplishing this. Spirit has always provided any guidance I have requested to gain a clearer insight in to my experiences.

  • Asking questions, and hearing the answers, was primary. Learning to trust this process taught me that there is something outside myself that is walking with me, and providing me guidance. I call this Spirit.

You will see more posts on Uduzit exploring these concepts, but I have not missed the fact that many of you arrive here, because of our shared interest in blogging and computers.

May we continue enjoying our shared interests.

Smiles. ET

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