Glimpsing the Writer

The more blogs I explore, the more writing styles I encounter. I smile at how some subjects can be presented so uniquely. I sometimes see some humorous writing bloopers, but generally, small mistakes are seldom noticed.

Little writing mistakes appear different than just plain sloppiness. When someone is not involved with their blog, it shows. A blog that only contains everyone else’s stuff, doesn’t tell much about the person doing the blog.

That feeling can cause me to loose interest quickly. It seems like no one is home. I like to have a sense of who is writing a blog. I like to hear what they are saying, and I also like to know a little about the person behind the words.

How I first meet other bloggers is through their writing style. Some people tell me a lot about who they are, and what they think through their posts. Other people, give me information and teach me new skills.

A blog creates a different experience for the reader. A book cover may give you a nice picture, and basic information about the author, but something happens. The author disappears the minute you open the cover. With a blog the author never disappears.

A blog becomes a virtual book. It grows and expands. The more I read a blog, the more the author becomes a person to me. My first sense of them is the theme they are using for their blog.

I meet the author of a blog in other ways too. On their pages I can see the pictures, art, and videos they choose. I can see how deep their archives go, and how often they post. The deeper I go in to a blog, the more I learn about the blog’s creator.

It’s all fun. Smile. ET

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