Writing Basics for Blogs

This week has been a week of exploration. I have been looking to see what writing styles are common on the blogs I enjoy. I was particularly interested in seeing how posts were presented on the more successful blogs I read.

There is a style of writing that is evolving on the Internet. It is happening because people are on informational overload. People just have so much bandwidth, and so much time to find what they are looking for.

When they are looking for information, they wish to see it clearly presented. Readers weary when they must read a thousand words to get to what they came to find.

Much of what you read on the Internet is presented in a journalistic writing style. Journalism presents the who, what, where, when, and why details of a situation quickly. The journalistic style has been fine tuned for blogging.

So here are a few general guidelines that did appear in my research on how to write posts for blogs.

    Post Writing Guidelines

  • Most readers are gone within 300 words. If you have more to say, break your subject in to separate related posts. Use your first post as an introduction to your subject, or as a link to a larger article placed elsewhere.

  • Bold, underline, bullet, or list, your key information. These tools help key points to stand out for your readers.

  • Keep your paragraphs short. Use three sentences, or less. Even one sentence paragraphs are OK, especially when they present key ideas.

  • And finally, let your main ideas stand on their own. Don’t worry about connecting everything with a lot of extra words. Keep your sentences simple, and your ideas concise.

The beauty of what I have found concerning blog writing styles, is that there aren’t many rules. Basic writing skills help, but your content can shine above your presentation. Your style will evolve and become more comfortable as you write.

There don’t seem to be any major writing rules to break, or literary mistakes to make while blog writing. Knowing that fact, will hopefully allow you to use your blog as a low stress mental exercise. Just relax, and let your fingers do the talking.

Smile. ET

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