Blogs Provide Solutions

When I began to write posts, I wasn’t really sure what I wished to write about. So, I would be thinking about something, and the words would flow. I found that I especially enjoyed writing about the solutions I was finding.

In looking for a solution to my frustration with the Microsoft computing world, I found Ubuntu and the Open Source Community as an alternative.

It fascinated me that what I had been asked to purchase caused me enormous frustration, and what came free was so painless.

When I made the full jump to Ubuntu, I found it wasn’t so hard after all. My old laptop was performing better, but I wished to get further ahead on the graphics curve. I began a search for a newer laptop that would fit my budget. I wrote posts about the answers I found.

When I look back on all my posts, I realize there is a something that helps some posts be read more than others. When I start the story with a distinct post title, the reader sees they have found a solution to what they are looking for.

Post titles become distinct when they tell exactly what the post is about. I may be comparing laptops, or talking about enjoying the experience of buying them on eBay, but the reader knows in the title of the post what is being discussed.

Solutions come in many forms. A reader might wish to be entertained, get the latest news, or find a piece of information. They know what they are looking for. I just have to let them know I have that answer in a particular post.

So when I write a post, I start with the post title. The post title clarifies for me what I am writing about. Then I ask myself a question:

What solution am I providing with this post?

I may be reviewing, comparing, or sharing, but I see my solutions in my post titles. Do you wish to buy a portable set of inexpensive speakers? I have a post with a possible solution.

Reaching readers becomes a process of helping them find answers to what they are looking for. My part begins with post titles that help them clearly see their search may have ended.

I didn’t know where I was going when I started blogging. I still really don’t have a goal. Blogging has just become an enjoyable process of writing about the answers I find along the way.

Smiles. ET

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