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Watching the statistics on my WordPress blog has become a hobby. Several months ago, I didn’t have many numbers to work with. Last month, there were more numbers.

Those higher numbers sent me back to my stats to find out who was reading my posts. I could gain that information by looking at the Referrers information on my Blog Stats page.

Many of my referral sources come from WordPress tag pages. People are making connections to my posts through my tags. Tags were new for me last month. I happened to start using them, just as WordPress added the “Possibly Related Posts” feature.

I have seen more of my own posts listed as choices on this feature recently. It also appears that most of the other links given at the end of my post are not too far off the mark now.

A reader will choose what appears to be the most relevant link from the list, but I know, they only get one choice. Sometimes their choice keeps them on my blog. I have found more of my older posts being read recently through tag links.

Using tags that are keywords in people’s searches, has brought me more page views. I now see that WordPress, and the major search engines, use tags as their primary way of finding my posts.

Early last month I had a post that had a lot of hits. That post really changed the appearance of my stats. My normal day, barely made a blip on what I saw on my charts for several weeks.

When my stats charts changed I lost view of my Syndicated Views. They were there, but they were lost in the bigger numbers of direct page views I was seeing on my daily charts.

So after a week, I go back and look at what each post has done over that period of time. I go to the Manage Page and click on the little chart at the far right of the info for that post. Then the patterns are easier for me to see.

Most of my posts only have a few readers on any given day. It is nice to see those that keep drawing readers on a steady basis. My Syndicated Views have taken on a familiar pattern as well.

When I post about relevant subjects that are common keywords, I get a consistent number of syndicated views. When I wander off in to my own world with my posts, I get one third of my normal syndicated view rate. Really.

Syndicated Views are directly related to the RSS feed settings for my blog. Not seeing these on your charts (light blue color) means your settings may be off. I also understand some themes may not support certain feeds.

There is a three part series on search engines posted recently on Uduzit. In those posts you will find how to make sure your feed address, is part of your search engine address.

Blog statistics can tell us a great deal about what is going on with our readers. Reaching folks, involves watching for the patterns on how they find us. Your WordPress blog stats will help you do this.

Smiles. ET

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