New ebooks Are Coming

I think ebooks are the next revolution in publishing. We started not so long ago with the printing press, and now anyone can publish their own thoughts. Blogging is a great way to see you have something worth publishing.

Books are about solutions. Books may distract us with their drama, or provide the exact answers we are seeking, but either way, they provide what we are looking for in that moment.

Knowledge is changing quickly, and people desire current information. They are no longer willing to wait two years for an expensive hardcover, that is only worth something to anyone, for a couple of years.

Beautiful books are beautiful, but books take up a lot of space and resources. They are also harder to carry around than a Palm, other digital reader. Lifestyles are changing, and our technologies are changing us.

I see major corporations lining up with their hardware and private formats. They know the future of ebooks, and they will always have their customers. They are also setting the standards for what new ebooks will be.

Our latest ebooks can now include text, audio, music, video, images, and screen shots from your desktop. That involves combing a lot of separate technologies.

Combing these technologies for ebooks is now accomplished by using a CD. The needed sound player and image viewer for the ebooks format, are put on the CD with the correct reader for the ebook.

The producers of our digital hardware wish to combine all these features in the electronic gadgets they provide us. They are making serious progress, but it is an expensive endeavor.

Won’t be long before you will dock your digital device, and have a new book downloaded to begin the next morning. It will be right there along with your news, sports, and stock reports.

You might wish to read your ebook, or listen to it. You might wish to hear the music with the narration, or skip the videos and images. Your choice, but the choices you will have are going to fascinating.

Smile. ET

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  1. Yes, you’re right. I already have some e-books though I read only two. I guess it will really change with palm devices like ipod touch or iphone when we will be able to read book that way in a bus (that’s what I always do and can’t with laptop). And sometimes having no other way (Want to read them in English and can’t buy it here) I have some audio books and actually it’s a quite good way to “read” a book, too. Even though I think some paper back book is just magical.

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