Disappearing Syndicated Views

Recently, I’ve done a number of posts on Uduzit regarding WordPress stats. The focus has been on syndicated views and how you can see them in your stat charts.

A number of folks have made comment that their syndicated views have disappeared. The other day I wrote that syndicated views might be disappearing behind direct page views. I wasn’t sure why it was happening, but I felt that was the answer.

So, I went to the stat charts of each of my more active posts. The longer they had been active, the easier the answer is to see. It doesn’t take big numbers, just consistent numbers, to see the answer.

On my stat charts, appearing as a little blue peak here, and a little blue peak there, were my syndicated views. It was like looking at a mountain range, and my syndicated views were way off in the distance.

I realized what was happening, when I realized the colors are reversed on WordPress stat charts, at least they are when you wish to see the syndicated views.

Choosing a dark color for direct views, means that when my direct view count is higher, the lighter colored syndicated views are gone. Syndicated views are overpowered by the darker color blue used to show my direct views.

When you start spotting those little lighter blue peaks behind the darker blue peaks, you will know syndicated views are coming in to your blog. They are usually fewer than your direct views, and now we know why we seldom see them.

Syndicated views are important to our blogs, and will grow in importance. They let you know if your blogging world extends beyond WordPress.

I know there is an easy solution for resolving this situation. Just a matter of finding the right person to handle it. Possibly the answer, is taking the idea to a WordPress Forum.

I like seeing syndicated views on my stats charts.. They are like frosting on the cake. Desert is nice sometimes.

Smiles. ET

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