Blogging from Guatemala

Six months ago, I began blogging with a laptop and a seat at a local Internet Cafe. WordPress made the blogging simple enough, but learning how to blog took serious time.

Then, I was literally gifted with the equipment needed for an satellite Internet connection at my home.

What makes my Internet connection so special is that I live in rural Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. My town is San Pedro Laguna, which is located several hours travel Northwest from Guatemala City. Travelers get here by chicken bus, shuttle, or boat from Pannachel.

Pannachel is connected to the Pan American Highway. The town handles, the in one day and out the next style tourists. The people that find San Pedro are on a different pace. They find us when they need to take a break.

The tourists who come to San Pedro are worldwide travelers, and they don’t carry suitcases. They carry most everything they need on their backs. Many have literally been on the road for months, and they find once here, it is hard to leave.

I have been in San Pedro almost two years, and until last month, I was never able to get an Internet connection in my home. Many hours of my day are now spent writing and blogging. I am learning how it works more quickly.

In the my first four months of blogging, I wrote my posts at home, and dropped them on to my blog when I could. The past two months have been quite different. I now spend as much time learning how to manage my blog, as I do writing.

When I began, I didn’t know what I wished to say. It is getting clearer. I am also learning how to better present what I do say. It is a fun process.

I learned that many of you are interested in used IBM laptops. I wrote several posts about how I upgraded my laptop with a purchase on eBay. I am happy to announce I will pick up my IBM R51 in Pannachel on Tuesday. Yea!

Yes, I know I won the auction the first week of April. It just took awhile to get my laptop through Guatemala customs and on to me. It has been a lesson in patience.

Smiles. ET


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