The Phoenix lands on Mars tonight

There must be a reason, but I have no idea what it is. It has been a very slow day on the Internet. I haven’t been able to get a good connection this morning.

This has happened before, and then things take off again. The question is, why does this happen? I am getting the feeling that it is something that is beyond my control. Things do constantly change, but darn when they don’t go the way I wish.

My concerns today are small potatoes compared to the boys at NASA are experiencing. Ten months ago they sent the Phoenix Lander off to Mars. Yep, ten months out in space and it is due to land on Mars tonight.

The landing sequence begins at 7:30 PM (EDT). The Phoenix Lander has travelled 423 million miles. It is expected the Phoenix Lander will plant its three metal feet on the North Pole of Mars with the help of thrusters and parachutes at 7:53 PM tonight.

So much accomplished, but NASA is most concerned about the last seven seconds of the flight. They will have to wait fifteen minutes for the camera pictures to reach the Earth to know whether The Phoenix Lander has landed right side up!

That could be a long wait. I happen to know NASA has not had success trying this in the past. Only five of the last eleven Mars probes have succeeded.

It is a grand journey, but watching first attempts are sometimes frustrating. I hope everyone at NASA has a wonderful evening watching great pictures from Mars. They are due for a good evening.

I have already watched the animated version on uTube and it went just fine. That video is posted on the main page of Uduzit, and if you are wondering about the shovel, it is for soil samples. Soil having water equals the potential for life on Mars.

Hope the locals have a sense of humor, should we happen to dig up someone’s microb garden while there.

Smiles. ET

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