Guatemala Work Day

I smile thinking of myself going off to work each day. I will have my office and my canine friend Harry by my side. The little house is a bright and airy space. It is 100 feet from my bedroom. I like that during rainy season.

Life has a more simple flow now. I do not need the bars and tourists to validate who I am here. I am happy slipping back into the shadows of San Pedro’s ex-patriot community.

I have looked, but there is little to draw me to the bars. Yes, I like having a night out, but it is different now. I don’t need the bar scene to have a reference point to where I fit in San Pedro.

Actually, I don’t fit here. I don’t fit anywhere exactly. I have found I do fit out there. Hundreds of people from all over the world connect with my thoughts every week through my blog. I find that amazing.

Experiencing someone in my immediate presence happens on multiple levels. They have a body, opinions, and frequently talk about a lot of things I am not interested in. Somehow we get through it.

When I blog I send out a gift. I say, “Here are my questions, and the answers I have found.” I share common interests with others. I attempt to send them off in directions useful to their search.

I wished to a part of creating a New Day in the Mayan 2012 world. The World after 2012 is said to be one where we no longer use money to create what we wish.

That sounds wonderful, but I questioned how I could live in a world where I gave my creations to others for free. I have found some interesting answers.

First, I found the free services of Then, I became involved with more “free” stuff with Ubuntu and Open Source Software. Now, I learn of all the free books available online through the Project Gutenberg Community.

People are giving freely all around me. They are sharing their ideas and creations. They are producing free software that equals, or surpasses, what the commercial world demands payment for.

I decided I could join in by making use of what the software folks were creating. Now every tool I need to share my writing with others is offered to me for free. This creates a circle of giving with quite a magical flow.

I have found the answer to my question. I do not need to wait to see how this “sharing freely” can work out. I am experiencing it in my daily life right now.

It appears the seeds of a perfect tomorrow are being sown in life today.

Smiles. ET

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  1. thanks for such an inspiring and opitimistic blog post :) I needed to hear something like this :) Especially when I really have the feeling that I don’t fit where I am right now.
    Connecting with right poeple is the only savior for me. :)

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