The Big Look at Blog Stats

About a month ago I went on search for stats programs that would work with my blog. I was able to compare the results of three stat counters; WordPress, Sitemeter, and Statcounter.

Most free software for Windows is free for thirty days. I am running in to that situation with Internet Download Manager on my IBM R51 now. In that time I have also filled my “free” project log at Statcounter.

I was excited to see I could download a log from Statcounter for Excel. It turned out to be a running list of my log entries. That is interesting, but doesn’t provide much information I can use.

Now that my free Project log at Statcounter is complete, I will have to pay to have continuous stats, or continue free on a month by month basis with a new log each month.

With Sitemeter I found that their “free” log holds 10,000 entries. I can have a continuous record of my stats over a longer period of time for free with them. When I decide to pay for a stats service, Sitemeter is my choice.

The depth of information available on Sitemeter still amazes me. Their charts and graphs present the information I need so simply. Their world map isn’t as neat as the one Statcounter has, but that is the only area in which I don’t feel Sitemeter excels.

Once I self-host my own domain, and can use Java on my blog, the keyword and referral source information on Sitemeter become available to me. I will also be able to use Mint on my own domain using free WordPress software.

These stat programs have allowed me to see that half the visitors from my blog come from the United States, one quarter from Europe, and the rest from 19 other countries around the world. Welcome everyone!

Basically, my stats page gives me information on referrals sources and page views. This is solid information, but leaves out the people factor. I have also been interested to find that my WordPress numbers match those provided by my other stat services.

I have mentioned in the past that I have found some problems with the chart presentation of WordPress “page” and “syndicated” views. The lighter color blue used for syndicated views causes them to disappear behind the more numerous and darker colored page views on the WordPress graphs.

Over a month’s time I have learned to zip through my stats a couple of times a day to see what is happening on my blog. It doesn’t take much time, but I can see so much more that is happening using Sitemeter in combination with my WordPress stats on my blog.

I can even see now that I average at least one visitor an hour on my blog, sixteen to twenty hours a day. That’s special. You all keep coming back now.

Many Smiles. ET

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