Coffee Bubbles?


The past couple of weeks I have had an unhappy stomach. Yes, I am talking about my stomach and not my lower intestinal tract. I have had bubbles and they have been bubbles that wouldn’t leave my body.

Now I drink Guatemala coffee and it is not wimpy coffee. I make what I learned to call “Cowboy coffee” in Arizona.

It is simple matter of putting hot water over a rounded teaspoon of coffee. I would mention that this whole process works better when you use a tin cup, mug, or cowboy hat to hold your rounded teaspoon of coffee and hot water.

Sometimes you need to be very definite when you talk about “cowboy stuff,” but the boys have learned to make a great cup of coffee not mater where they are. I have found that I can drink coffee made this way all day.

Coffee made with electricity can taste burned to me, and it also seems to have a higher caffeine level. I drink cowboy coffee all day. I drink coffee made in an electric coffee machine, and my palms start to sweat.

Of course we are talking Guatemala coffee here. I have never tasted coffee like I have found in the Guatemala Highlands. In the US and Europe we buy coffee brands made of blends of coffees.

You drink coffee that is a blend of many different coffee beans from many different coffee farms. Your Name Brand coffee is blends of coffee from locations all over the world.

The Name Brand coffee companies blend cheap coffee beans with good coffee beans. Sometimes they will sell you a blend of better beans at a price, but you still don’t know where the coffee beans come from.

I drink coffee from local coffee farms. These coffee farms and their farmers are my neighbors.

Each small finca (farm) produces coffee beans which have their own distinct flavor and characteristics. These distinctions are also seen in coffee grown in different locations and at different elevations in Guatemala.

Anyway, back to my bubbles. I blamed the coffee at first. I used less coffee per cup, and even switched to tea. Nothing changed.

Then I remembered I had started using ground black pepper awhile back. No more ground black pepper, and no more bubbles.

I like happy endings.

Smiles. ET

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