Blog Organization Blues

I am thinking about organizing my activities. It is no fun to be stuck in routines, but it is good to have a smooth flow. It is when my flow gets disturbed, that I note a need for adjustments.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “Self, what are you doing?”

Asking that question gets my attention for a moment and I can focus. My focus moves to my feelings. Usually what I am feeling is uneasiness, a discomfort on some level.

That’s the process. I have to take a moment to ask myself where my feelings are coming from. Once I am conscious of my feelings, I have to make decisions on how to resolve the annoyances that cause them.

When I sat at the computer this morning, I had a flash of feeling overwhelmed with all my current projects. I caught the feeling just before I moved in to my head. I know that is a moment of choice.

In that moment I choose to listen to my feelings. I didn’t immediately dive in to todays projects feeling like I was swimming across an endless pond. I stopped, realizing I needed to get organized before I jumped in to my day.

I had a flash of immediate anxiety. Organization? I was playing, writing, and enjoying myself. Now I find I have created something that’s needs organizing. I need to organize to create balance.

Some people are natural jugglers. I do better on the balance beam. I need to know where I am putting my feet.

Organization gives me a feeling of having a foundation to stand on in preparation for the times when my thoughts and activities cause me to wander off again.

When the size of a task looks overwhelming, I start at the foothills. I plod along learning how to manage the terrain. Strangely, as I have moved along, the mountain I perceived ahead has never materialized.

Currently my mind is conjuring up visions of an avalanche of past posts and articles falling off a mountain and heading directly for me. It is nice to know I am not dealing with a mountain, but I sure have something big to deal with.

Today I will try new tools. I will see if they can help me better achieve my organization goals. That means I’ve got some new software to try. It may help turn my mountain in to a molehill.

Smiles. ET

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