Two Rovers Active on Mars

Whoever connected rocket science to the concept of confusion may have been right. Look at the NASA page on the Phoenix Mars Mission. You’ll get depressed. You will get confused. Then you will understand NASA is not talking about the current Mars Phoenix Lander, but rather a rover called Spirit. The Spirit rover landed on Mars a year ago and is still active.

We don’t hear much about the Mars Spirit rover because it is moving in slow motion. It has low batteries due to a low solar charge. It is currently only gaining enough charge daily to run a 100 watt bulb for about two hours. The energy Spirit does manage to store each day is mostly being used to keep its batteries from freezing. Spirit Rover

The Mars Spirit rover has tires and they are slipping in the loose Martian soil. Current movement has been backwards. NASA is attempting to move the rover to a place called Camp Verde. It is sending occasional images to earth and receiving commands. Spirits subsystems are working well and it is gathering information on Martian dust. That is its primary mission.

NASA has two active rovers on Mars at the current moment. All Mars rovers  are a part of the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission. The Spirit rover gathers information on Martian dust, while the Phoenix Mars Lander is digging in the dirt.

The best site for information on the Phoenix Mars Lander is done by the University of Arizona. The university is managing the Phoenix Lander Mission for NASA. That is a first. It is interesting to note the mission is going very well.

You will find press releases and plenty of photos on the Mars Phoenix Lander at:

University of Arizona Mars Mission website

This site is updated regularly so it has the most current information on the Mars Phoenix Lander Mission. Do enjoy.

Smiles. ET

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