Free Software Does It

Loading up the R51

It has been fun to get the IBM R51 laptop working smoothly. This has involved installing a lot of free software on my IBM R51 laptop that I purchased on eBay recently.

On Windows XP I set up two user accounts. One account, I use regularly for most everything, including the Internet. The other user account is my “quiet account.”

I talked recently about setting up my Windows wall of protection. That wall covers both user accounts. I keep the one account empty beyond my basic programs.

The programs in my “quiet” user account have been loaded with passwords and personal preferences. This account is on stand-by, and I seldom use it.

I run more “risky” traffic, like Internet browsers and file sharing, through my active user account. My anti-virus and firewall software watch all this activity for problems.

The quiet account becomes my desktop back-up for now. I am moving to a dual boot system where I use Windows XP and Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) on the system. When the installation disk arrives, that will be a new adventure to share.

I have loaded the following software on both of my user accounts.

Remember, this is all free software, not shareware or free trials. Enjoy!

I am using Real Player, Winamp, and iTunes to play and manage my music collection.

Picasa 2 and Irfan View handle my basic graphics needs. Adobe Reader, Foxit, and PDF Creator handle my PDF and ebook needs.

Power DVD and InterVideo Win DVD allow me to avoid Windows Media Player for video. I also run Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

This software is all very simple to install, and it is all free software! Windows XP Pro as your operating system does cost, but mine came with my laptop.

Many Adobe Programs, and PDF Creator, work only on the Windows platform. These are great programs that I use regularly and must have Windows to enjoy them.

Soon Ubuntu with provide my gateway to the Internet, and Windows will do my music and graphics. Graphics design is an area Open Source is still behind the curve on. They are catching up, but Windows leads that area for now.

And that is how I meet my computing software needs on Windows XP with free software. These are great programs. Give them a try!

Smiles. ET

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  1. BEST

  2. Thanks for the info.
    I am in the process of purchasing this product for Business Management in Graduate School and need something to get through QRB501/Accounting/Financing in which I am so illeteriate towards these subjects.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and loved ones.

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