Where Did Everyone Go?

The past several days I have had a huge drop in my blog traffic.

Everyone from Europe has disappeared. That is major hit to my traffic, because they represent half my readers. Hot weather, and football championships, may be more competition than my blog can handle.

I don’t think Uduzit is dead; it just needs resurrected. There are some things I have missed along the way, and I will fix them while things are quiet. Whatever is causing this blockage will not last. It can’t. Things always change. Something new will happen.

I had a few hits Sunday, and I also posted. I have posted six times on Uduzit recently about the Mars Lander. Space exploration fascinates me. I really like telescopes and rockets too!

So, I am moving that material to a new blog called Galaxy Voyager over at Blogger.

I put up four posts on my new blog yesterday. It was a very quick process, and the Blogger interface is very simple to use. I created a blog list with thirteen entries, and put AdSense ads on my site.

I am monetized. It was fun, and I got through the process with Google quite easily.

My new blog has a nice clean design. The simple interface works well for posting and blog administration. It was easy to link to all my stat services. I  listed with Technorati and Google as my main Search Engine listings, though I will use FeedShot to list with ten more. That will take care of the Search Engines, and tomorrow I will make sure my RSS feeds are working by viewing them on my blog reader.

I really enjoy WordPress, but I find the Blogger software much simpler to use. I have learned a great deal about blogging with WordPress.com, and I am applying those lessons in this new blogging adventure. I will continue with WordPress, but I am more confident now in exploring other blog services. So, watch out True Type, here I come!

Links and RSS feed insertion also went easily with Blogger. My biggest problem in the whole process was forgetting to save my changes. I did learn.

Blogger allows Java on its blogs. As a result, I can have a whole new range of keyword and referral source stats to explore.

I used keywords and tags that fit my subject while designing my main blog page.  I used these same keywords when I listed my blog with Technorati and Google. . 

I linked back to Uduzit in posts from my new blog. While I was at it, I put Uduzit on my Galaxy Voyager blog list too!

This morning I wrote emails to other blog publishers I have linked to. I am realizing that Search Engines rank links between sites very highly. The emails seemed like a good way to meet other blogger’s who are writing about similar subjects.

It took awhile, but I have learned the importance of a blog list.

I see a blog list can be a great resource for my readers, and it can also benefit my Search Engine ratings. A blog list went on my new site the first day. I have been slow to do that on Uduzit.

It was fun to put together my new list of favorite blogs on space exploration. I spent an enjoyable day surfing the Internet locating them, and know they were the best I saw. My new blog, Galaxy Voyager is about Space Exploration. I am sure that I will find more great sites to add to my blog list as time goes on.

Along with my blog list, I made sure that my RSS feeds were set up correctly for Galaxy Voyager. I noticed two posts on Uduzit recently that had high syndicated feed results. Feeds pushed my numbers on those posts up by one-third. I think syndicated feeds kick my overall numbers up by about twenty percent. I will know more about this as I check out my new Java enabled stats results on Galaxy Voyager.

I will continue Uduzit for as long folks come to visit.

Search Engines really like blogs that are focused on one subject. I have wandered a bit with my subject matter on Uduzit, but it has helped me find subject matter both my readers and I enjoy. With Uduzit I will be talking more about health, diet, and lifestyle in the near future. Lifestyle posts will be about living in Guatemala, which many of you seem to enjoy. Oh, and then there is blogging, ebooks, laptops, software…

Smiles. ET


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  1. I am just here :) I really hope that I will catch up with all your posts in next few days :) At least to see how you have been doing :)

    Oh and I hate how everybody is talking about football :D I didn’t even know it had been on until we were busy in the bar cuz people came watching :D

  2. im not so sure what this is trying to say.

    • Sorry about the confusion. I was thinking about what had happened to my readers on Uduzit when I wrote this post. It was quite clear from my stat counter that NASA visited my blog three times in the days before my traffic disappeared. Maybe they were afraid I might mention Apollo 11.

      Bottom line I moved that subject to Blogger. Uduzit is still here and will continue now with new posts with subjects of no interest to those who are full of fear. Goodbye people of NASA. May you never visit this blog again.

      We begin again.

      Smiles, ET

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