Playing a Game

Recently, I have become totally engrossed in an online game called Eve. It is a MMOP game, which means a lot of other people are online at one time playing the game with you.

Alice may have had her rabbit hole, but I think I have found my Matrix. This game astounds me in its detail and logical complexity.

In Eve, I am a miner and have half a dozen ships. I have a light frigate fighter, a hot shot fighter with missiles and combat drones and a mining Frigate with major ore-pumping mining lasers.

I am now working on loading secure containers at asteroids with ore, by pumping it from the mining frigate cargo hold to these large containers. Two containers fill my huge Transport, and that is how I haul them back to the station and refine the ore into cash.

The Transport is designed to haul containers of ore, or commercial freight, all over the galaxy. It has four times the armor, structure, and shield of anything else I own in my budding fleet.

You can set up your own mining colony, invite people to join your Operation, and refine your own ore. This game just goes on and on.

There is so much to learn, but so much to play with all along the way. I have always wished for a game I could really involve myself in and I have found it. Yea!

There are dozens of roles and careers you can choose. They are all extremely detailed and it involves connecting with a lot of other players to get things done.

You don’t succeed at Eve alone.

If you enjoy the detail stuff; you can manufacture and build everything you need from blueprints. Personally, I prefer to mine, and then buy what I need in the Market. Each person can find their niche, and develop their own style of game play.

Eve has a fourteen day free trial. You can link to the free trial at Galaxy Voyager. I was hooked in a week and it costs me about fifteen dollars a month to subscribe to Eve. It works on Windows and it works on Linux!

The game graphics are extraordinary. The amount of choice and involvement in the game amaze me.

Eve is a walk out an invisible path to the Universe, and there is plenty of support along the way. Hope you find the experience enjoyable.

Smiles. ET

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Winter at Lake Atitlan

Volcano view from Antigua

Volcano view from Antigua

I have lived in some places with lousy weather, like around the Great Lakes in the States. I moved to the Southwest and found Arizona was not the paradise I thought it would be. Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is Paradise compared to the other places I have lived.

In Arizona I spent a lot of money either trying to stay warm, or cool. Living in my motor home, I would work for the National Forest Service in the high mountains to escape the summer heat of the lower elevations.

I loved when my employers paid my utility bills. Staying warm, or cool, in the lower elevations cost big money!

In Guatemala my room has one glass window and one screened window. Both windows have wooden shutters. The walls are block and transfer daytime warmth into the room at night. When nights are chilly I burn a candle, or add a blanket.

Money spent on utility bills, is now money spent to buy candles. I could get fancy and purchase a tiffany oil lamp, but that produces a lot of heat for a small area. Oil lamps are great for atmosphere though.

Most nights I wear a sweater. My English friends don their jumpers. It is winter here. It is the Rainy Season.

At Lake Atitlan in the highlands of Guatemala, the temperatures moderate between 60 and 80 degrees throughout the year. Lake Atitlan is located in a volcanic caldron and a thousand feet below the surrounding highlands.

The Highlands of Guatemala have winter weather that sometimes includes snow. Summer temperatures are warm and have higher humidity in the Rainy Season.

If you wish the jungles and tropical weather, you can visit Tikal or the Livingston on the Caribbean. On the Pacific Coast this time of year, you will find black sands and more tropical weather.

Guatemala has about every climate you could wish to experience. We have old Spanish cities and modern cities here. It is a place well worth checking out!

Smiles. ET

Why Smoke?

After fifty years of smoking tobacco in various forms, I finally figured out why I like to smoke. I smoke to distract myself. I am bored. I fidget. I am oral in my fixations. I smoke tobacco., because I enjoy it.

I really like to smoke my pipes. I have a Meerschaum pipe collection approaching a dozen pipes. They are beautifully carved and darken with age. I have had some of these pipes for over twenty years.

Smoking began for me about the age of 12. I would hide my Camels in my newspaper box under the old papers. The box was dark blue, and was located under a huge Oak tree at the corner where I caught the school bus.

I have always smoked the stronger brands of tobacco. Every time I tried to stop smoking I gained 15 founds. By age forty-five I was big-time stressed, greatly overweight, and hit the floor with a massive heart attack.

After my heart surgery I had a difficult time not smoking. That is when I found pipe smoking. I found an article in the New England Journal of Medicine stating that pipe smoking did not present additional risk for cancer, especially mouth cancer.

There is an art to pipe smoking and it is fun to learn. You fidget a lot with a pipe. It distracts you when it goes out, or clogs. You learn to keep it clean. It covers my oral fixations quite nicely.

A pipe covers all the reasons I enjoy smoking. It also removes the biggest problem associated with smoking. When you smoke a pipe:

You do not inhale pipe smoke.

And that is why pipe smoking works. You get to play with your pipes and tobacco; you get to smoke, but you break your addiction to tobacco by not inhaling.

An addiction happens when we over-do a behavior chasing the positive side of the experience. When we over-do an experience, it throws our life out of balance. To overcome an addiction, we need to make peace with it. We need to bring the behavior back in balance.

I have not given up sugar, alcohol, or tobacco in my life. I have brought them back in balance. I enjoy the positive parts of my relationship with these chemicals, but I always seek to minimize there negative consequences on my health.

It all comes down to balance.

Smiles. ET

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You duz It!

A New Day

A New Day

My life became different when I realized;

“You duz it. This is your life. Change what you don’t like.”

I found that problems were like weeds in my garden. I could ignore them, or even find them fascinating for awhile, but eventually they have to go. I have found it is easier to get rid of weeds when they have little roots and haven’t developed thorns.

When something is out of balance in my life I now sense it and make adjustments as quickly as I can. I try to see “Problems,” as situations needing a solution. I look for solutions more quickly these days.

I have found some answers that I know work in Life. I know we all walk through our stuff, but the folks that stop repeating the same problems are the ones who see the part they are playing in the mix. They learn to change themselves, not others.

So darn, there have been some tough spots along the way. Sometimes I have wished others didn’t play so rough, but sometimes it took “nasty” to get me to deal with what I needed to deal with.

I was told by one of my teachers that our lives are divided into seven year periods. When I did some looking, I saw what he was speaking about. I knew the major events of my life, and began to see how they fit in to definite seven year blocks of time.

It seems like every seven years I change direction in my life, resolve old dramas, or head off on new adventures. It feels like I have lived many lives within this life.

When I saw how simple choices created major changes in my life, I began to pay more attention to what I was choosing. I also saw how by simply changing my reactions to a situation, the situation changed for the better.

I now say, “I need to see this situation differently.” It may take a moment, but I usually am able to see my part of the mix by doing this. When I accept my part of the drama, and disengage, I can move on.

It has all been a part of learning, “You duz it!”

Smiles. ET

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A No Internet Day

It is one of those days that I sometimes experience here in Guatemala. It is the Rainy Season. It is cloudy and drizzle is falling very lightly. It is a very sleepy day without the Internet.

It is becoming clearer to me that the Internet consumes a great deal of my time. I find it interesting that I can stay so busy online. The hours disappear so quickly.

The Internet runs in the background of my life. When I have no connection, I sense all the information I am cut off from. I can’t read the news. I can’t research the subjects I am interested. More importantly, I can’t read my email.

Email connects me to others. I have developed a network of friends who are now spread around the world. Many of those people have lived in San Pedro for extended periods. They are now traveling further, or have returned home.

We communicate sporadically. Yet, we are all connected by links through other people. One way or the other, we have an idea of what each is doing.

It is fun also to stay in touch with those who return here each year like birds in flight. When these folks return to Lake Atitlan you know the weather is changing up North. Their return is one of the ways I know the Seasons will soon change here.

Each day I try to communicate with one person. This means I write them a letter. That doesn’t work with text messaging. My son has equated my emails to books. I would call them essays. My longer emails are written that way for a reason.

First, I have my friends’ total attention for a moment. I can tell them what is happening in my life. I can ask questions about what is going on with them. I can comment on the things I know they are experiencing.

It takes two to communicate. I am working on keeping the process going.

Recently, I read that the key to maintaining a friendship is staying in touch. Friendship is created by communication. Break the communication for too long and the friendship withers.

Email is such an easy way to keep the communication going. When my Internet comes back up you know where I will be.

I checked this morning. They said it would be just an hour. It’s another rainy day in Guatemala.

Smile. ET