Why Smoke?

After fifty years of smoking tobacco in various forms, I finally figured out why I like to smoke. I smoke to distract myself. I am bored. I fidget. I am oral in my fixations. I smoke tobacco., because I enjoy it.

I really like to smoke my pipes. I have a Meerschaum pipe collection approaching a dozen pipes. They are beautifully carved and darken with age. I have had some of these pipes for over twenty years.

Smoking began for me about the age of 12. I would hide my Camels in my newspaper box under the old papers. The box was dark blue, and was located under a huge Oak tree at the corner where I caught the school bus.

I have always smoked the stronger brands of tobacco. Every time I tried to stop smoking I gained 15 founds. By age forty-five I was big-time stressed, greatly overweight, and hit the floor with a massive heart attack.

After my heart surgery I had a difficult time not smoking. That is when I found pipe smoking. I found an article in the New England Journal of Medicine stating that pipe smoking did not present additional risk for cancer, especially mouth cancer.

There is an art to pipe smoking and it is fun to learn. You fidget a lot with a pipe. It distracts you when it goes out, or clogs. You learn to keep it clean. It covers my oral fixations quite nicely.

A pipe covers all the reasons I enjoy smoking. It also removes the biggest problem associated with smoking. When you smoke a pipe:

You do not inhale pipe smoke.

And that is why pipe smoking works. You get to play with your pipes and tobacco; you get to smoke, but you break your addiction to tobacco by not inhaling.

An addiction happens when we over-do a behavior chasing the positive side of the experience. When we over-do an experience, it throws our life out of balance. To overcome an addiction, we need to make peace with it. We need to bring the behavior back in balance.

I have not given up sugar, alcohol, or tobacco in my life. I have brought them back in balance. I enjoy the positive parts of my relationship with these chemicals, but I always seek to minimize there negative consequences on my health.

It all comes down to balance.

Smiles. ET

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  1. Well, looks like you found a way to have your cake and eat it too. I too, loved to smoke and struggled mightily to quit – permanently, for over 20 years. Quit once for 10 years oh well, I’ve said all this before – its on my blog, no need to cover the same ground. Any way, everyone should be able to do whatever he or she wishes that makes them happy as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Good job!

    Come see me sometime- http://smokinchoices.wordpress.com

  2. I enjoy your writing – you have very nice flow – so forgive me when I say this – but, you not inhaling does not mean that I don’t inhale that smoke that you are not inhaling.

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