You duz It!

A New Day

A New Day

My life became different when I realized;

“You duz it. This is your life. Change what you don’t like.”

I found that problems were like weeds in my garden. I could ignore them, or even find them fascinating for awhile, but eventually they have to go. I have found it is easier to get rid of weeds when they have little roots and haven’t developed thorns.

When something is out of balance in my life I now sense it and make adjustments as quickly as I can. I try to see “Problems,” as situations needing a solution. I look for solutions more quickly these days.

I have found some answers that I know work in Life. I know we all walk through our stuff, but the folks that stop repeating the same problems are the ones who see the part they are playing in the mix. They learn to change themselves, not others.

So darn, there have been some tough spots along the way. Sometimes I have wished others didn’t play so rough, but sometimes it took “nasty” to get me to deal with what I needed to deal with.

I was told by one of my teachers that our lives are divided into seven year periods. When I did some looking, I saw what he was speaking about. I knew the major events of my life, and began to see how they fit in to definite seven year blocks of time.

It seems like every seven years I change direction in my life, resolve old dramas, or head off on new adventures. It feels like I have lived many lives within this life.

When I saw how simple choices created major changes in my life, I began to pay more attention to what I was choosing. I also saw how by simply changing my reactions to a situation, the situation changed for the better.

I now say, “I need to see this situation differently.” It may take a moment, but I usually am able to see my part of the mix by doing this. When I accept my part of the drama, and disengage, I can move on.

It has all been a part of learning, “You duz it!”

Smiles. ET

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