Playing a Game

Recently, I have become totally engrossed in an online game called Eve. It is a MMOP game, which means a lot of other people are online at one time playing the game with you.

Alice may have had her rabbit hole, but I think I have found my Matrix. This game astounds me in its detail and logical complexity.

In Eve, I am a miner and have half a dozen ships. I have a light frigate fighter, a hot shot fighter with missiles and combat drones and a mining Frigate with major ore-pumping mining lasers.

I am now working on loading secure containers at asteroids with ore, by pumping it from the mining frigate cargo hold to these large containers. Two containers fill my huge Transport, and that is how I haul them back to the station and refine the ore into cash.

The Transport is designed to haul containers of ore, or commercial freight, all over the galaxy. It has four times the armor, structure, and shield of anything else I own in my budding fleet.

You can set up your own mining colony, invite people to join your Operation, and refine your own ore. This game just goes on and on.

There is so much to learn, but so much to play with all along the way. I have always wished for a game I could really involve myself in and I have found it. Yea!

There are dozens of roles and careers you can choose. They are all extremely detailed and it involves connecting with a lot of other players to get things done.

You don’t succeed at Eve alone.

If you enjoy the detail stuff; you can manufacture and build everything you need from blueprints. Personally, I prefer to mine, and then buy what I need in the Market. Each person can find their niche, and develop their own style of game play.

Eve has a fourteen day free trial. You can link to the free trial at Galaxy Voyager. I was hooked in a week and it costs me about fifteen dollars a month to subscribe to Eve. It works on Windows and it works on Linux!

The game graphics are extraordinary. The amount of choice and involvement in the game amaze me.

Eve is a walk out an invisible path to the Universe, and there is plenty of support along the way. Hope you find the experience enjoyable.

Smiles. ET

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