Getting Ready

There are times in my life when I know I am going in to a transition. Crisis is no longer a necessary ingredient in my life for me to change. It is the change in the flow of energy that sets me moving now.

Over the past several months the flow has been increasing in intensity. Each event had a color and it began to paint a picture. In recent months I have become more unsettled. I know it is time to begin something new.

There is nothing wrong with what I have. My two years here at Lake Atitlan have been some of the most wonderful of my life. It is just that beautiful can become so common that it begins to fade.

I am beginning to loose sight of the beauty here. It is a quiet process and it has changed my experience. I know that forty of you visit Uduzit regularly. I believe many of you do that so you can catch up on little things happening here at the Lake. I hope you keep coming back.

This past week I began a transition for my spending more time in Antigua. I had a wonderful visit there for several days this past week.

My visit changed many past impressions of the city I held from my days there as a language student. This visit I found there are so many special shops and great places hidden on the back streets that it will take months to explore.

I was able to spend quality time with new and old friends on this visit. It was a good “people” visit.

My friend Jeff showed me the neatest breakfast routine at the main market.

First stop was with the orange juice lady for a huge glass of fresh squeezed OJ. That was 5Q, or about $.65. Next stop was at this extraordinary bakery and coffee shop (La Posteria) just outside the entrance to the main Mercado. Coffee and three breakfast rolls cost about $1.30.

We gathered our goodies and headed to a small restaurant in the main market. The Mercado is a huge place and this restaurant is tucked back among a thousand stalls. Here we sat and ate beans, scrambled eggs, and feta cheese for 10Q ($1.30).

Jeff even brought some extra rolls for the ladies in the kitchen as a thank you for letting us bring in our own coffee and rolls. They smiled. They like Jeff.

An extraordinary breakfast for $3 was just the beginning of that wonderful day. We’ll continue with this adventure in the next post.

Smiles. ET

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